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You have a cause. An idea that burns inside of you.

It’s more than just a money-making business.

There’s a reason for what you do.

How to communicate your work with the rest of the world?

Let me help you.

Words that engage. Stories that connect. Content that inspires.

All that and more – for the pride that is your work.

Beautiful, high quality images

No ugly watermarks, blurry shots or copyright concerns. I’ll source for the perfect Creative Commons pictures to accompany your content.

Spreading the Word

Quality content contributes value to people’s lives – and convert readers to customers. More sales = More financial resources to grow your business, fund your work.

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Transcript of Interview with Dr Lemuel Ng, Co-Founder of FOLO

Featured image photograph by Denise Lim. This post includes the transcription of an interview conducted with Dr Lemuel Ng, co-founder of Malaysian social startup and organic farm, Feed Our Loved Ones (FOLO). From collecting local kitchen waste to upholding the farm-to-table movement by selling produce straight to consumers, the operation of the farm itself directlyContinue reading “Transcript of Interview with Dr Lemuel Ng, Co-Founder of FOLO”

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